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Anonymous asked: Just relapsed and if I don't find the humour in it, then i'm going to have to be scared. Please come back, we miss you.


Thank you, anon. I’ll see about gathering some submissions. I’m not in ED groups anymore, so I don’t really have people to give me submissions. Hey, followers, get submitting!

Suggested by an anon

Anonymous asked: I'm really proud of you for trying to recover. You're beautiful and I'm glad you're back, even if it's only for a short time. Much love <3


Thank you! ♥

Anonymous asked: Here's a submission idea: getting a craving, satisfying it and feeling disgusting afterwards. I'm sorry if this ends up too triggering or it's not subtle or it's not 'humorous' or it's difficult to put this in a comic form.


I’ll try and do this :)

mehmooni asked: I hope you feel good soon btw:/<3


So do I ♥

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